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Herod Tries To Eliminate The Newborn King

The men had come from another country in search of a newborn king. They searched out the current ruler to ask for final directions to the newborn Child. Little did they know that their visit would set into motion a jealous king intent on destroying all challengers to the throne at any cost. Read Matthew 2 and see what happens when Herod tries to eliminate the newborn king.

[HINT: scripture references from Matthew 2]
answers are based on the King James Version of the Bible.

2. --Where did the wise men meet the king? [Matthew 2:1]
4. --Herod was ___ when he heard the wise men. [3]
6. --Herod told the wise men that he wanted to ___ the Child. [8]
7. --Where did the angel tell Joseph to go? [13]
8. --The wise men gave the Child gifts of gold, frankincense and _____. [11]

1. --Jesus, Mary and Joseph stayed in Egypt until ___ died. [Matthew 2:15]
3. --What had the wise men seen in the east? [2]
4. --Herod ordered the death of baby boys ___ years old and younger. [16]
5. --How did God warn the wise men to not return to Herod? [12]

Herod tries to kill the newborn King puzzle

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