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Remember GodŐs Blessings

As the Jewish people approached the Promised Land, Moses reminded them of where they had been and what they should do in their new homeland. It was important for the people to remember God, His laws and the blessings He had given. It was God, not the people, who provided this good land. Read Deuteronomy 8 for MosesŐ instructions to remember GodŐs blessings.

[HINT: scripture references from Deuteronomy 8]
answers are based on the King James Version of the Bible.

3. --The people were told to ___ how God led them in the wilderness. [Deuteronomy 8:2]
6. --The new land would have stones of ___. [9]
7. --The people were told to ___ in GodŐs ways and fear Him. [6]
9. --In the wilderness God provided water from a ____ rock. [15]

1. --The promised land would provide plenty of ___ to eat. [Deuteronomy 8:9]
2. --The people would ___ if they turned from God. [19]
4. --God provided ___ so the people would know that man doesnŐt live by bread only. [3]
5. --The people were warned to not ___ God and His laws. [11]
7. --According to Moses, God gave the people power to gain ___. [18]
8. --The people were told to ___ God when they have eaten and are full. [10]

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