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Daniel's Choice

They were carried to a foreign country. Now they were given things to eat and drink that went against what they felt was right. Should they go along with the crowd or stand for what was right? Read Daniel 1 to find out about Daniel's choice and its outcome.

[HINT: scripture references from Daniel 1]
answers are based on the King James Version of the Bible.

2. --God gave Daniel and his three friends ___ and skill in learning and wisdom. [Daniel 1:17]
6. --Daniel was called ____. [7]
8. --After the test, Daniel and his friends appeared ____ and fatter than the others. [15]
9. --How many days was DanielŐs diet tested? [12]
10. --The children were to be fed meat and ___. [5]

1. --Only children with no ____ was part of the king's program. [4]
3. --Daniel wanted vegetables and ____. [12]
4. --David did not want to ___ himself with the king's food and drink. [8]
5. --Who was over Daniel and his three friends? [11]
7. --Who did the prince of eunuchs call Abed-nego? [7]

Daniel's Choice puzzle

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