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What Are You Giving God?

God had a problem with the people. They were supposed to give offerings from the best, but they were giving things that were blemished. What was God's opinion of this? Malachi 1:6-14 gives God's response to these offerings. Although times have changed, His response on giving can instruct us as we give to God.

[HINT: scripture references from Malachi 1]
answers are based on the King James Version of the Bible.

1. --God said He had no ___ in the priests. [Malachi 1:10]
4. --God said His name would be great among the ____ from sunrise to sunset. [11]
6. --The Lord accused the priests of ___ His name. [11-12]
9. --The people were asked if it wasnÕt evil to offer a ___ sacrifice. [8]

2. --The offerings were torn, ___ and sick. [Malachi 1:13]
3. --God called those who offered corrupt things cursed and a ___. [14]
5. --Who is a son to honor? [6]
6. --The priests offered ___ bread on the altar. [7]
7. --The Lord said He would not accept an ____ from the priests. [10]
8. --The people were asked if the ___ would be pleased receiving the sacrifices they gave God. [8]

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