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Barnabas And Saul On Mission

The Lord was working in the church at Antioch. When the Holy Spirit called Barnabas and Saul the church was listening. Following the call led these two men to share the good news of Christ with a lost world. Read Acts 13:1-12 and see what happened when Barnabas and Saul went on their mission trip.

[HINT: scripture references from Acts 13]
answers are based on the King James Version of the Bible.

1. --Sergius ____ was a deputy of the country. [Acts 13:7]
6. --Elymas became ____. [11]
7. --Bar-jesus was a Jew and a ___ prophet. [6]
9. --Who called Saul and Barnabas? [2]
11. --The men ministered to the Lord and ____. [2]

2. --Elymas was a ____. [Acts 13:8]
3. --Who pronounced the LordŐs punishment on Elymas. [9-11]
4. --Saul and Barnabas were listed as workers in which church? [1]
5. --What was laid on Saul and Barnabas before they were sent out? [3]
6. --Sergius ____ when he saw what was done to Elymas. [12]
8. --Where did Barnabas and Saul sail? [4]
10. --Elymas tried to ___ Sergius from the faith. [8]

On Mission Puzzle

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