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Paul: Peace On A Stormy Sea

Paul warned against the trip but those in charge didn't listen. Whenever the trouble Paul had forecast arrived the voyage took a bad turn. Read Acts 27 and learn about Paul's peace on a stormy sea.

[HINT: scripture references from Acts 27]
answers are based on the King James Version of the Bible.

1. --After eating what was tossed into the sea? [Acts 27:38]
4. --By what coast was Paul's ship supposed to sail? [2]
6. --How many survived the shipwreck? [44]
7. --What was the wind called that came upon the ship? [14]
9. --___ hundred and seventy-six men were on the ship. [37]
10. --What did Paul take, give thanks to God, break and eat? [35]
11. --When the ship wrecked the soldiers wanted to ___ the prisoners. [42]

2. --On which day did they throw the ship's tackle overboard? [Acts 27:19]
3. --How many anchors were dropped from the stern on the fourteenth night? [29]
5. --The ___ listened to the ship owner's advice on sailing rather than Paul's. [11]
6. --The ___ of God stood by Paul and told him not to fear. [23]
8. --The ship sailed under ___ because the winds were contrary. [4]

Paul: Peace on a stormy sea puzzle

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