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David Moves the Ark

David had a simple desire. He wanted the ark of the covenant to be brought nearer to him. Getting the ark from Judah to the City of David would be an adventure in its own right. Read 1 Chronicles 13 to see what happens when King David moves the ark.

[HINT: scripture references from 1 Chronicles 13]
answers are based on the King James Version of the Bible.

3. --David changed his plans and carried the ark to Obed-edom the ____. [1 Chronicles 13:13]
5. --Uzza and ___ drove the cart that carried the ark. [7]
6. --The ark had been in ____-jearim. [6]
8. --God ___ Obed-edom and all that he had. [14]
10. --The ark was carried out on a ____ cart. [7]
11. --Who touched the ark? [9]]

1. --The ___ that was pulling the cart stumbled. [1 Chronicles 13:9]
2. --God struck the man who touched the ark, and the man ___. [10]
4. --David and all ___ played musical instruments and sang in celebration. [8]
5. --David became ___ of God because of His actions at Perez-uzza. [12]
7. --How many months did the ark stay with Obed-edom? [14]
9. --The Israelites did not inquire at the ark during ____'s reign. [3]

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