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Jesus Calls His Disciples

Following Jesus' baptism and time in the wilderness, He started assembling His group of disciples. Where would the Messiah look to get the men who would eventually carry His gospel to the world? What high-level background would Jesus look for in the disciples? Read Matthew 4:18-23 and see how Jesus called His disciples.

[HINT: scripture references from Matthew 4]
answers are based on the King James Version of the Bible.

5.--How soon did the men leave their ship to follow Jesus. [Matthew 4:22]
8.--What was Simon and his brother throwing into the sea? [18]
9.--Who was JamesŐ brother? [21]
10.--Who was in the boat with James and his brother. [21]

1.--Jesus was walking by the sea of ___ when He called His disciples. [Matthew 4:18]
2.--Where did Jesus teach? [23]
3.--Who was SimonŐs brother? [18]
4.--What was Simon also called? [18]
6.--James was ___ his nets when Jesus called him. [21]
7.--Jesus preached the ___ of the kingdom. [23]

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