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From Enemy to Advocate

Saul of Tarsus had a life changing encounter with the Lord on his way to Damascus. He was about to learn what it would cost to follow Christ. How would he be received by other followers of Christ? Read Acts 9:8-28 and see what happened when Saul turned from an enemy of Christ into an advocate.

[HINT: scripture references from Acts 9]]
answers are based on the King James Version of the Bible.

2. --Saul was staying on ___ Street in Damascus. [Acts 9:11]
4. --Ananias put his ___ on Saul to heal him. [17]
6. --The Jews in Damascus tried to ___ Saul. [23]
8. --After receiving his sight Saul stayed with ___ in Damascus. [19]
10. --Saul was blind for ___ days. [9]
11. --The Lord spoke to Ananias through a ___. [10]

1. --After receiving his sight Saul was ___. [Acts 9:18]
3. --The Lord said Saul was selected to carry the gospel to the ____. [15]
5. --The disciples in Jerusalem were ___ of Saul. [26]
7. --Saul escaped Damascus by a ___ lowered from the city’s wall. [25]
9. --Ananias told the Lord how ___ Saul had acted. [13]

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