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The Ark Leads The Way

The journey to the Promised Land was nearly complete. All that separated the people from it was a river. How would they cross the river? Who would lead the way? Read Joshua chapters 3 and 4 and see how the ark of the covenant led the way into the Promised Land.

[HINT: scripture references from Joshua]
answers are based on the King James Version of the Bible.

2. --Where did the people camp after crossing the river? [Joshua 4:19]
5. --The priests stood on ___ ground in the river. [3:17]
8. --The people were to stay about two ____ cubits behind the ark. [3:4]
9. --How many stones did God want to be taken from the river? [4:3]

1. --After the ark made it to dry ___ the Jordan overflowed its banks. [Joshua 4:18]
3. --Priests of the ____ carried the ark of the covenant. [3:3]
4. --Those carrying the ark were told to step into the waters of ____. [3:13]
6. --The Jordan river overflowed its ____ during the harvest time. [3:15]
7. --The ark was carried out of the Jordan after all the ____ had passed through the river. [4:11]
9. --The people crossed over the Jordan River on the ___ day of the first month. [4:19]

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