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An Enemy Sees the Light...

Saul of Tarsus had come a long way since the days that Christians feared him. Now known as Paul, he told his former allies what had happened in his life. Would they listen? Read Acts 22:2-11 and see what happens when an enemy of Christ sees the light.

[HINT: scripture references from Acts 22]
answers are based on the King James Version of the Bible.

4. --Saul went to ___ to round up Christians for punishment. [Acts 22:5]
5. --Saul fell to the ___ and heard a voice asking why he was persecuting Christ. [7]
8. --Saul approached Damascus about ___. [6]
9. --Saul was taught by ___. [3]
10. --A great ___ from heaven came upon Saul. [6]

1. --Saul had men and women thrown into ____. [Acts 22:4]
2. --Who was the voice that Saul heard? [8]
3. --Where was Saul born? [3]
5. --Saul was blinded by the ___ of the light. [11]
6. --Saul persecuted Christians to ___. [4]
7. --In what language did Paul speak to the crowd? [2]

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