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Heading For The Mountain

The Israelites had arrived in the wilderness of Sinai. God wanted to meet with them. Read Exodus chapter 19 and see how God showed Himself and what He had to say when the people headed for the mountain.

[HINT: scripture references from Exodus 19]
answers are based on the King James Version of the Bible.

2. --The Lord came in a ___ cloud. [Ex. 19:9]
4. --All the people ___ on the third day when the trumpet sounded. [16]
8. --The Lord bore the Israelites on ____' wings. [4]
9. --In which month did the Israelites enter Sinai's wilderness? [1]
10. --When the Lord arrived on the mountain, it ___ greatly. [18]

1. --Who did God tell Moses to bring to the mountain with him? [Exodus 19:24]
3. --God said the people could become a ___ nation. [6]
5. --Who did God call to come to the top of the mountain? [20]
6. --What punishment awaited those who touched the mountain? [12]
7. --God wanted the people to wash their ____. [10]

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