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Earth: A New Beginning

Things on earth had become bad. Violence and evil had taken their toll on GodŐs creation. God was sorry that He had created mankind. God decided it was time to make a change. Read Genesis chapters 6Đ9 for details about the New Beginning that God made on the earth.

[HINT: scripture references from Genesis]
answers are based on the King James Version of the Bible.

5.--The earth was filled with ____. [6:11]
6.--The flood waters covered the ____. [7:20]
8.--God saw manŐs _____. [6:5]
11.--God told Noah and his sons to ____ the earth. [9:1]

1.--The ark was to be ____ stories tall. [6:16]
2.--God gave the rainbow as a token of His ____ with all creatures on earth. [9:16]
3.--God promised to never again destroy the earth with a ____. [9:11]
4.--After leaving the ark, Noah offered ____ offerings to God. [8:20]
7.--After the flood, Noah lived ___ hundred and fifty years. [9:28]
9.--Who found grace in the eyes of the Lord? [6:8]
10.--All men left outside the ark ____. [7:21]

New Beginning puzzle

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