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Returning to God

Rehoboam had set up his kingdom. He had finally got the power he wanted. Along the way Rehoboam turned from God. How would God get his attention? Would the king return to God? Read 2 Chronicles 12:1-13 and see what happened when the people returned to God.

[HINT: scripture references from 2 Chronicles 12]
answers are based on the King James Version of the Bible.

2. --The Egyptians took the fortified cities of _____. [2 Chronicles 12:4]
4. --King Rehoboam had ____ shields made to replace SolomonÕs shields. [10]
6. --The Egyptians took all the ___ from the Temple. [9]
10. --1200 ____ and 60,000 horsemen came from Egypt to attack Judah. [3]

1. --JudahÕs king ___ himself before God. [2 Chronicles 12:6]
3. --God promised not to ___ the people since they turned to Him. [7] 5. --Rehoboam was king for 17 ____. [13]
7. --What was the name of EgyptÕs king? [2]
8. --After setting up his kingdom Rehoboam turned from the law of the ____. [1]
9. --The Egyptians took the ___ shields which Solomon had made. [9]

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