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Heading To The Promised Land

God had heard the cries of His people. After a time of plagues which showed the powerlessness of the Egyptian gods, the Jewish people were allowed to leave the country and serve their God. Read Exodus 12:29-42 to see what happened when the Israelites left Egypt and headed to the Promised Land.

[HINT: scripture references from Exodus 12]
answers are based on the King James Version of the Bible.

4. --Flocks, herds and ____ left with the Israelites. [Exodus 12:38]
5. --The night of the Exodus is to be ____ by all the children of Israel in their generations. [42]
6. --The Lord struck all the ____ in Egypt. [29]
9. --The people carried unleavened cakes of ___ with them. [39]

1. --The Israelites borrowed___ of gold and silver from the Egyptians. [Exodus 12:35]
2. --The Israelites left from _____. [37]
3. --About six hundred ____ men left Egypt. [37]
6. --The Israelites had been in Egypt ___ hundred and thirty years to the day. [41]
7. --Pharaoh asked Moses to ____ him as the Jews left Egypt. [32]
8. --What time of day did Pharaoh call for Moses and Aaron? [31]

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