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Breakfast By the Sea

Jesus had been with His followers several times since His resurrection. This early morning meeting would be more than a meal. It would be a call to commitment for the task that was ahead. Read John 21:1-19 for the story behind the breakfast by the sea.

Breakfast puzzle

[HINT: scripture references from John 21]
answers are based on the King James Version of the Bible.

4.--Who wanted to go fishing? [3]
6.--Peter was ____ when he learned it was Jesus that was speaking. [7]
7.--On shore the disciples found a ___ of coals, fish and bread. [9]
8.--Where was Jesus when He called to the disciples? [4]
11.--The disciples caught one hundred and ___-three fish. [11]
12.--Jesus asked Peter if he ___ Him. [15]

1.--How many times did Jesus ask if Peter loved Him? [17]
2.--The disciples went fishing at the sea of ____. [1]
3.--Jesus told Peter to ____ His sheep. [17]
5.--Before Jesus arrived how many fish were caught? [3]
6.--Time of day the disciples fished. [6]
9.--From which side of the ship did Jesus say to cast the net? [6]
10.--This was the ___ time the disciples had seen Jesus after His resurrection. [14]

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