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Walking With Jesus

It was over. They had hoped Jesus would be the Messiah, but He had been crucified on a cross. Three days later, His body was missing. These were the events that were discussed on the road to Emmaus. Read Luke 24:13-35 and see how despair turned to joy as the men went walking with Jesus.

[HINT: scripture references from Luke 24]
answers are based on the King James Version of the Bible.

3. --The men returned to ___ after seeing Jesus. [Luke 24:33]
6. --As they walked, Jesus asked why the men were ___. [17]
7. --It was near ____ time when they arrived in the village. [29]
8. --This trip took place on the ___ day after the crucifixion. [21]
9. --What was the name of one of the men? [18]

1. --Once the men recognized Jesus, He _____. [Luke 24:31]
2. --At the meal, Jesus took the ___, blessed it and broke it. [30]
4. --The men mistook Jesus for a ____. [18]
5. --Upon arriving in Jerusalem, the men looked for the ___. [33]
8. --How many started out on the trip to Emmaus? [13]

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