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The Passover: God Delivers His People

Pharaoh had his chances to allow the people of Israel to leave their slavery in Egypt, but he refused. God had one last plague. Exodus chapters 11 and 12 recount God's plan for the final plague. What does Passover mean? What happened in that first Passover? Read the scripture readings and see how God used Passover to deliver His people.

Passover Puzzle

[HINT: scripture references from Exodus 12]
answers are based on the King James Version of the Bible.

2. The Lord killed the firstborn of Egypt at ___. [29]
3. The animal was to be male and without ___. [5]
5. What animal was each household to take on the 10th day of the month? [3]
6. Who told Moses and the people to leave Egypt? [30-32]
8. The children of Israel lived in Egypt 430 ___ to the day. [41]
10. The people were called to observe Passover ___. [24]
11. About six hundred ___ men was part of the group that left Egypt. [37]
12. The Jews "borrowed" ______ from the Egyptians. [35]

1. The people were to ___ their sacrifice animals on the evening of the 14th. [6]
3. The leftovers from the meal was to be ___. [10]
4. The Lord said that he would ___ ____ houses where He saw the blood. [23]
7. What was to be put on the top and two side door posts of each house. [7]
9. The meat was to be ____. [8]

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