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Judging Jesus

Jesus had raised Lazarus from the dead. When word reached the religious leaders they knew they had a problem. What would they do about Jesus? We are faced with the same question. What did the religious leaders decide? Read John 11:43-57 and see what happened when they judged Jesus.

[HINT: scripture references from John 11]
answers are based on the King James Version of the Bible.

3. --At the time of this meeting, ___ was near. [John 11:55]
7. --Some Jews told the ___ about Jesus raising Lazarus. [46]
8. --The ___ priests and Pharisees met to discuss what to do about Jesus. [47]
9. --From that day, Jesus no longer walked ___ among the Jews. [54]
10. --The religious leaders plotted to put Jesus to ___. [53]

1. --The leaders feared that the ___ would take away their place. [John 11:48]
2. --Many of the ___ who saw Jesus raise Lazarus believed in Him. [45]
4. --Caiaphas was the ___ priest that year. [49]
5. --The religious leaders thought it was expedient that one man ___ for the people. [50]
6. --If Jesus was left alone the religious leaders feared that all would ___ in Him. [48]
7. --At that time of year many Jews went to Jerusalem to ___ themselves. [55]

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