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Esther: GodŐs Woman of the Hour?

When Esther was selected as queen she could not have foreseen that the current situation would happen. She had just learned that the king had signed a decree ordering all of the Jews to be put to death. Now she was being asked to try to get the king to change his mind. Would she be able to save herself and her fellow Jews? Had God made her queen for a time like this? Read Esther 4--5:1-3 and see what Esther did.

[HINT: scripture references from Esther]
answers are based on the King James Version of the Bible.

2. --Who had offered to pay to destroy the Jews? [Esther 4:7]
4. --The king would hold out a ___ sceptre to those who he wanted to see. [4:11]
6. --Esther wanted all the Jews in ___ to fast three days for her. [4:16]
8. --Esther had not been called to the king in these ___ days. [4:11]
10. --If she kept silent Mordecai warned that deliverance would come from another ____. [4:14]
11. --The king offered to give Esther anything up to __ of the knigdom. [5:3]

DOWN 1. --As the king's decree spread, the Jews started ___ and wailing. [Esther 4:3]
3. --After tearing his clothes, Mordecai put on sackcloth and ___. [4:1]
5. --Those who went into the king's court without being called could be put to ___. [4:11]
7. --Esther sent ___ to find out what was wrong with Mordecai. [4:5]
9. --Esther touched the ___ of the king's sceptre. [5:2]]

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