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Incident In The Temple

Peter and John entered the temple at the hour of prayer. In the next moments a handicapped man was healed and Peter preached to the worshippers in the temple. Everyone didn't celebrate the miracle. The religious leaders detained Peter and John and had some strong words for them. How would Peter and John respond? Read Acts 4:1-31 to see what happened following the incident in the temple.

[HINT: scripture references from Acts 4]
answers are based on the King James Version of the Bible.

4. --After they prayed the place was ___. [Acts 4:31]
7. --The religious leaders ___ Peter and John before letting them go. [21]
8. --Peter and John said they would only speak what they had ___ or heard. [20]
9. --The leaders thought Peter and John were ___. [13]

1. --I was the high priest. Who am I? {Acts 4:6]
2. --The people prayed for ___ to speak JesusŐ name. [29]
3. --The temple officials laid ___ on Peter and John. [3]
5. --The priests and the ___ of the temple went to Peter and John as they spoke in the temple. [1]
6. --Peter and John said the man was healed by the name of ___. [10]
7. --Peter and John were commanded not to speak nor ___ about Jesus. [18]

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