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Dorcas: A Model of Good Works

Some people work all their lives to be famous or popular. Others just work. In the worldıs eyes Dorcas might not seem great. Yet, the Bible tells how Dorcas came to be remembered by those around her. Read Acts 9:36-43 and see how Dorcas was a model of good works.

Dorcas Puzzle

[HINT: scripture references from Acts 9]
answers are based on the King James Version of the Bible.

2. Dorcas made coats and _____. [39]
5. ____ stood around the body weeping. [39]
7. ___ men were sent to get Peter. [38]
9. Peter was in ___ when Dorcas died. [38]
11. This event was known around Joppa and many believed in the ___. [42]
12. Peter stayed with Simon the ____. [43]

1. Dorcas was also known as ___. [36]
3. Dorcas ___ up when she saw Peter. [40]
4. After everyone had left the room Peter ___ and prayed. [40]
6. Dorcas became ___ and died. [37]
8. After Dorcası body was ___ it was laid in an upper room. [37]
10. Where did Dorcas live? [36]

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