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Noah Pleased God

God had created a perfect world. After Adam and Eve chose to sin the world became increasingly wicked. God decided He needed to start over. There was one man who served God. Noah was his name. Read Genesis chapter 6 and see how Noah pleased God.

[HINT: scripture references from Genesis 6]
answers are based on the King James Version of the Bible.

4. --God vowed to destroy man from the ___ of the earth. [Genesis 6:7]
6. --Before the flood the earth was filled with ____. [11]
7. --___ lived on earth in those days. [4]
9. --The offspring of the sons of God and daughters of men were ___ men. [4]
11. --God said He would destroy life on earth by a ___. [17]

DOWN 1. --Noah was a just man who ___ with God. [Genesis 6:9]
2. --The daughters of ___ were beautiful. [2]
3. --God saw that manŐs heart thought ___ continually. [5]
5. --The Lord said His ___ would not always abide with men. [3]
8. --Who found grace in God's eyes? [8]
10. --The sons of ___ took wives of all they chose. [2]

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